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BRIGHT LIGHTS AND BIG SMILES! World Elite Idols Cheerleading Team

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


When you head to your local gym ready to watch a cheerleading competition, it does not take long after the World Elite Idols hit the floor before you notice the special abilities this team has on display. The World Elite Idols are an All-Star Special Needs Cheerleading Team that consists of 30 members who have various disabilities. They participate in local, regional and national competitions. The Idols, who are in their 16th season, were founded by Kathy Catazaro-Perry whose daughter Vanessa has Down Syndrome.

Being involved with the World Elite Idols goes far beyond simply providing inclusion in the sport of Cheerleading. The experience promotes pride, independence, teamwork and structure, while also providing physical fitness and therapy. The World Elite Idols program strives to help develop confident, happy, healthy young men and women through movement, exercise, tumbling, and cheer. Currently, the World Elite Idols are open to ages 3 through young adults. It does not matter what age a child enters the program, the Idols will assist with growth and development in a safe environment...

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