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By Sarah Smith

Sponsor Spotlight

SafeinHome, a provider of remote supports, assistive, and sensor technologies, empowers people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes and engage in their communities. With a remote staff that’s available 24/7, SafeinHome makes daily living safer while supporting the dignity of choice.

“We all have the right to make our own choices, even when others don’t agree with them. When we can choose for ourselves, we learn, grow, and improve the quality of our lives. That is what the dignity of choice means,” said Clare Husbands, Senior Marketing Manager. “Whether by choosing what we want to wear, where we want to live, how we live, or what we need to reach our goals, every choice helps us know ourselves better. These are choices we all get to make.”

SafeinHome’s remote support provides off-site staff for people with disabilities. The staff provides support with the help of an integrated system of sensors and assistive technology used in and out of the home. Remote Support solutions cover visitor safety, medication management, seizure management, daily activity reminders, community engagement, transitioning youth and much more.

When someone requests SafeinHome’s service, SafeinHome listens to what is important to and what is important for the client. Together with the person, a support plan is designed based on their desires, goals, and risks. This is called person-centered planning that’s integrated with any care plan that may be already in place.

Every person is approached with respect. Each individual has the power to decide what is right for them: the type of support they need, which devices are installed in their home, and even check-in times. SafeinHome is not bossy or authoritative. Decisionmaking to build self-determination (the power to make one’s own choices) and daily living skills is encouraged.

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