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Whole Latte Love Cafe, Inc.

Embracing & Celebrating Diversity…

from July 2022 Special Needs Living Magazine Akron/Canton

Written by Melissa Klatt Photography by Michelle Herdlick

Photo by Laura Esposito Photography, LLC

Supporting the Special Needs Community Through Action

“Whole Latte Love is a friendly, inviting place with great coffee. It is a ray of sunshine for a great start to your morning! You should make it a new part of your daily routine.” -Josh Z.

Imagine waking up on the right side of the bed, strolling outside in the beautiful weather, and taking a drive out to grab coffee from your local coffee shop. You step in the shop’s front door and are greeted with the biggest smile, warming your heart as you make your way to the cashier. The rich aroma of coffee is swirling in the air and you see a menu full of mouth-watering, hand-crafted breakfast items to pair with your cup of Joe. And on the team of wonderful staff who put your breakfast together are phenomenally diverse individuals who are thrilled to see you… as if you belong there.

At Whole Latte Love Cafe, this is your reality! (Okay, sometimes without the beautiful weather part. It’s Ohio.) Whole Latte Love Cafe, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which not only appreciates diversity, they celebrate it! Their mission is to create a safe, inclusive working environment for persons with developmental disabilities through meaningful work to enrich themselves and their community. Every cup of coffee is served with a smile!

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