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Jared is Kimble Companies biggest fan!

Cover Story!

Introducing Jared Frank! Kimble Company's Biggest Fan!

Story by Melissa Klatt with Photos by Michelle Herdlick

Meet Jared Frank, a remarkable 17-year-old soonto-be Junior at Hoover High School in North Canton, Ohio. Jared is not your typical high school student, as he faces unique challenges due to his special needs. However, what sets Jared apart is his unexpected, incredible passion for the Kimble Company, his love for helping his neighbors, and his unwavering enthusiasm for horseback riding at Pegasus Farms in Hartville, Ohio. Let’s take a closer look at Jared’s story and how he has found joy and purpose in unexpected places.


When Jared was younger, he had some very challenging behaviors. He loved doors; he would open and close doors or watch doors open and close.

“We worked very hard to bring Jared into our world,” says mom, Christine Frank. “Sometimes, we couldn’t go to family gatherings or our other children’s sporting events with Jared. One of us would have to stay back with him because it was too much for him to be there. But we worked hard, each and every day with him and had a lot of support to help him. Jared goes everywhere with me now! There were times I thought we would never get to take him places: now I am traveling with him and having a ton of fun!”

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