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Hello Parents!

Whether you’re looking for relevant information, need a place to share your personal experiences, or simply want to open your heart and mind to help those in need, then you are in the right place!

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Make a Connection

We’ve helped to link countless individuals as they navigate through difficult times. We create communities where people can find the support they need through the power of connection. When people are facing challenges, it’s helpful for them to be able to find support from others who understand exactly what they’re going through, and that’s what they’ll find in us. We welcome you into a safe space where you can share your story with others who have had similar experiences.

Share Your Story

One of our core initiatives is to introduce the Special Needs community to key resources that will bring needed & impactful products & services to those who need them but aren’t yet aware that these providers exist to support them.

Sharing your story and struggles can help others locate resources.

Do you have a business, product, service or resource that you would like to share?

Tell us YOUR Story!

Nominate a Nonprofit to be Featured

Do you know of a Nonprofit that you would like to Nominate to be Featured in our Special Needs Living Magazine, or you are just interested in signing up for our FREE magazine check out the link below!

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