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One of our chief goals for Special Needs Living Magazine is to educate our audience and share information that will bring value to the lives of people in our local Special Needs community.

Advertise with us and share your value!


Are you looking to add more meaning to your marketing budget?
Create meaningful visibility by Supporting a Local Nonprofit and Sponsoring their advertising with us in Special Needs Living Magazine!

Support the commitment we have to celebrating, educating and introducing those within the local Special Needs community.


Thank you Business Supporters for your Nonprofit Sponsorships!

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Working with the Best

"JTEK Solutions Group is a locally owned, family operated company dedicated to improving quality of life for their clients. Jtek's goal is to help eliminate the barriers of daily living."

Let's Get Together!


If you are one of our fantastic sponsors and advertisers in our magazine, we are hosting monthly exclusive networking events just for you! 


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Advertise with us and share your business, products and services or be a Business Sponsor and sponsor an advertisement for a Local Nonprofit!

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